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Finding a cross-border tax team that understands both the Canadian and U.S. tax systems can be difficult. All too often, we see individuals with both Canada and U.S. tax preparation and planning needs hire multiple professionals to assist with their filings. Unless the two practitioners are openly collaborating with each other, tax issues are inadvertently overlooked and tax planning opportunities are missed. In addition, this multi-practitioner approach increases the likelihood that the Canada-U.S. Tax Treaty and/or foreign tax credits will not be properly applied – not to mention higher tax preparation and planning fees associated with the different tax preparers. The end result: a more expensive and yet less effective process.

At Cardinal Point, our team of tax professionals specializes in working with Canadian and U.S. residents, Canadian and American expatriates, and those immigrating to Canada and the U.S. from abroad. Our tax practitioners are equally versed in both Canadian and U.S. tax laws and our years of experience in cross-border tax matters will ensure your taxes are managed in a professional, competent and timely manner. With offices located in both Canada and the United States, we are uniquely positioned to service clients throughout both countries and those expats living abroad.

Our Clients

Cardinal Point provides comprehensive financial planning services to affluent individuals and families. We specialize in serving residents of Canada and the U.S., as well as Canadian and U.S. expats living abroad, with their investment management, tax planning and preparation, financial and estate planning needs. Many of our clients have lived and worked in Canada and the U.S. and have accumulated assets and investment accounts in both countries.

As a client of Cardinal Point, you can enjoy the assurance that comes with having a team of experienced, multidisciplinary professionals working with you to build a comprehensive cross-border wealth plan tailored to your unique needs and focused on creating long-term value.

Americans Living in Canada
As an American residing in Canada, it’s important to make sure your financial affairs are structured properly to avoid double taxation issues and ensure compliance with the laws of both countries.

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Canadians Living in the U.S.
Whether you are transitioning residency between Canada and U.S. or you have already made the move but continue to hold investment assets or financial interests in both Canada and the United States, proper cross-border financial planning can integrate and coordinate the asset management of your investments, reduce taxes and maximize your estate.

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Expatriates Living Abroad
For those Canadians and Americans moving or living abroad, careful cross-border financial planning considerations must be given to ensure tax and regulatory compliance in both your home and adopted countries.

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